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Pandora Is Tanking (P) | BusinessInsider

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Pandora shares were down as much as 13% Friday.

The Internet radio developer reported after the bell Thursday that user growth fell last quarter, and its advertising revenue also came in lower than expected.

RBC Capital Markets is unfazed. In a note released after Pandora announced its earnings they wrote:

Pandora has beat the upper end of its Revenue guidance in 11 out of the last 12 quarters, tho the upside this quarter was relatively modest. That reality and the recent rally in the stock provided the set-up for an expectations correction, which is how we view the 11% after-market selloff. Our long-term thesis remains unchanged, however. We continue to see Pandora executing well despite the presence of a strong competitive set. Solid usage metrics, the buildout of a local ad salesforce, and integration into mainstream radio ad-buying platforms have all combined to improve Mobile monetization, which gives P leverage against a very high, fixed-cost licensing structure.

The company ended June with 76.4M active listeners, down 1% from last month but 7.5% higher year-over-year. Advertising revenue came in at $177 million, slightly below the consensus estimate for $178 million.

Shares are trading around $29.

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Freeloader Friday: Four Year Strong, The Raveonettes, Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens, Big Freedia, The Black Angels, & Suicide Silence | The Daily Rind

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We’ve made it to another Friday, folks. Whether the week dragged on or flew by, it always feels good to reach the weekend, amiright?! Let’s kick this weekend off with the latest and greatest in albums, videos, and more! Start strong with the latest album from Four Year Strong. It’s Punk …

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Indie ISP gives customers a ‘Netflix Warning’ | The Register - Business: Media

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The side of Net Neutrality you don’t often hear

A pioneering American community ISP is telling customers that Netflix should spend more time improving its technology, more money on its network – and less energy on lobbying in Washington DC.…

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Alive Inside Documents The Power Of Music To Fight Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia | hypebot

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You may recall the video of a withdrawn elderly man who comes to life upon hearing music he cares about on an iPod. The “Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Music” (and other title variations) video did more than go viral. It inspired the filmmaker who shot the original video to look more closely at the work of nonprofit Music & Memory and to shoot a documentary about that work, “Alive Inside,” that’s just been released in theaters. The video “Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era” got picked up and spread widely online but…

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Chromebooks going back to school in new ad | BetaNews

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Google is making an ever increasing amount of inroads with the education sector. Chromebooks have been finding new homes in many schools over the past year, with institutions either purchasing the devices for students or requiring them to attend with one. Google is not above taking advantage of this momentum by using it in new advertising, and is doing exactly that with a new video that seems made for TV. The spot is a standard 30-second clip and is completely set to music, only showing young people having fun and featuring Chromebooks. It’s not entirely geared toward school, but more life in general — though… [Continue Reading]

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“Bitcoin Is The Truth,” Says Rap Genius Founder Mahbod Moghadam | BetaBeat

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Mahbod Moghadam (Photo via Facebook)

Mahbod Moghadam (Photo via Facebook)

My introduction to Bitcoin came from the smartest living man. Balaji Srinivasan is the youngest General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Currently he is building a development wing for Andreessen—a project that, to my knowledge, no VC has ever undertaken. Ben Horowitz calls him “Young Einstein”.

Balaji is Indian, but has piercing green eyes. Looking at his face is hypnotic. He is a prodigy — he started teaching at Stanford when he was 26. The first time I met him, he took me to brunch in Williamsburg and we discussed asking Nas to record a diss track on this bitch-ass tech reporter whom we both loathe…

The conversation quickly turned to Bitcoin.

Balaji is the head of the Stanford Bitcoin Society. When he preaches Bitcoin, he looks like Moses. At that brunch, he convinced me to pour my entire life savings into Bitcoin.

Of course, the stuff he told me at brunch was mostly over my head. It was mainly his fervent religious timbre that sold me on the BTC. Bitcoin cannot be explained: you have to use it to understand it. To paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.: “The Life of Bitcoin is Experience, not Logic.”

But I was sold. I went home and—over the course of the next month—I poured my entire life savings into Bitcoin. When I began to do this, I planned to be a hoarder, a speculator. I thought I would convert all of my Bitcoin back to dollars when the price hits $10K. Now that I understand Bitcoin better, and I have begun to actually use it, I have come to realize that I will never sell a Bitcoin for dollars, as long as I live.

Now, I’m warning you: what I am about to say will mean NOTHING to you unless you get some Bitcoin and begin using it. But thug life, I am gonna say it anyways: Bitcoin is the 2nd coming of the Internet. It is the email to the “snail mail” that is checks, wires, and every other form of transferring money.

Bitcoin is going to empower the poor, just as the Internet has. It used to be that the rich had books and the poor did not. Now, everyone has the Internet. Although rich people can still afford fancier titanium Macs, pretty much anyone who wants can afford the Internet.

In finance, poor people have to deal with all sorts of bullshit. They get ripped off more than rich people, because banks are vicious and rich people can protect themselves. There is this EVIL company—Western Union—which takes 15% when poor people send each other money. Western Union is worth 9 billion dollars—with the rise of Bitcoin, it will become worth zero.

Buying something with Bitcoin is not so special, because buying stuff is always easy. But getting money with Bitcoin is a magical experience. Somebody clicks a button and POOF! you have your money. It is like sending an email.

Now that I am looking for work, my dream is to get a job where I am paid in Bitcoin. Just —boom!—and you have your money. Of course, I’m sure once the “Trinet of Bitcoin” gets poppin the process will become more complicated. It is inevitable…

But I assure you that the “Trinet of Bitcoin” will be way smarter and more efficient than the existing Trinet dinosaur. This is one of the best aspects of Bitcoin: it will allow these young start-ups to disrupt the dinosaur-ridden finance industry. The youngstas will bring the old, rich, white guys who don’t know what the fuck is going on down to their knees.

My favorite Bitcoin startup is Coinbase, by far. Coinbase is going to be the Visa of the future, it will take a huge chunk out of Visa’s ass. Whereas the dudes who run Visa are out-of-touch old white guys who don’t understand shit, the dudes who run Coinbase are really cool. They know wassup. Coinbase taking Visa’s business will be good for America, because it means a transfer of power from ignorant old guys to intelligent youths.

Nas is an investor in Coinbase, which is perfect because those listening to Nas’ music need Bitcoin the most. Visa makes its bread and butter by ripping off the ghetto, Visa squeezes hard enough to get juice out of the rock. I believe that Nas’ involvement will be instrumental to legitimizing use of Bitcoin in the parts where it is sorely needed.

Right now, because the IRS made a fucked up call, Bitcoin is stalled in the U.S. The IRS says that Bitcoin is a stock, not a currency, which is total bullshit. Silk Road’s defense lawyers tried to use the IRS’ bullshit as a defense for their drug dealer clients, but the judge wasn’t having it. He rejected the defense lawyers’ argument—which means he rejected the IRS’ bullshit as well.

Just as the IRS’ decision didn’t hold up in court, it won’t hold up IRL for much longer, either. The IRS will soon have to change its mind, I promise.

But, in any case, the rest of the world needs Bitcoin far more than the U.S. Bitcoin doesn’t need the U.S. to succeed.

In Kenya, there is a mobile payments app called M-PESA, and 25% of Kenya’s GNP flows through it. This is basically a desperate cry for Bitcoin, it is a harbinger of Bitcoin’s coming dominance.

I think that churches and religious leaders ought to be calling on their flocks to start using Bitcoin. If you are using Bitcoin, you are making the world a better place. The Internet caught on, and now the rich have lost their monopoly on knowledge. When Bitcoin catches on, the rich will lose their monopoly on finance, and this will be a revolutionary change—as big as the Internet.

Mahbod Moghadam is a co-founder of Genius and the author of Genius Inc. (forthcoming). Mahbod graduated from Stanford Law School and worked as an attorney for the firm of Dewey & Leboeuf in New York before beginning work on (Rap) Genius. Before law school, Mahbod was a Fulbright scholar to France; he speaks Persian, French, some Arabic and English too. Mahbod has played piano since age 15 – alongside hip-hop, his musical passions include Bach, Beethoven and Schubert.

This excerpt was adapted from Moghadam’s forthcoming book, Genius Inc.

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@Deadline Hollywood: Google “Forgets” Film Maker Dinesh D’Souza in Search Results–Can Kadoodle Be Far Behind? | MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY

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I’ve always believed that you don’t have to have had a bad guy point a .50 cal at your tummy from a guard tower on the wrong side of the demarcation line between the old East and West Germanys to understand free expression.  But I also believe that it doesn’t hurt your comprehension, either. And […]

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Business-Oriented Social Networks For Musicians: Gigmor, AAMPP, Jammcard | hypebot

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Business-oriented social networks for musicians are an area I haven’t covered in a while. A variety of new networks and platforms are emerging and today I’d like to point you to three business-oriented social networks that are worth knowing about. Gigmor connects musicians with compatible musicians and also uses that matchmaking process to help industry people find compatible musicians. AAMPP adds fans to the industry mix along with a variety of tools including ecommerce. Jammcard is a mobile social network for connecting with others by sharing Jammcards. Gigmor: LinkedIn for Musicians In a recent press release Gigmor explained that they…

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Feel free to BONK on the TUBE, says Transport for London | The Register - Business: Media

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Plus: Almost NOBODY uses pay-by-bonk on buses - Visa

From 16 September you will be able to pay for your journey on the London Underground with your pay-by-bonk contactless card or NFC-enabled phone.…

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A Look Back At Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas ‘14 | hypebot

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By Jasmine Nguyen from Dash Two. Not so long ago (1980s-1990s) rave music—or Electronic Dance Music—was still the underground type of music with its own die-hard fans and secret warehouse parties. There was this secret and unique culture within the dance music community (referred to as ‘PLUR’ – Peace Love Unity Respect) that stood separately from mainstream music fans and was preferably kept that way. This free philosophy of life and their symbolic handshake contributed to ravers’ sense of a tight-knit and secluded community. However, starting between 2006 and 2009, popular songs such as “Lose Control” by Missy Elliott and…

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Pirate Bay Debuts Mobile Site, Entertainment Verticals To Follow | hypebot

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Torrent Freak is reporting that The Pirate Bay, a notorious and long-lived resource for finding torrents of copyrighted media, is launching its first mobile-friendly website. Other upcoming changes include dedicated sites for tv, movie and music with more features plus RSSbay with personalized RSS feeds of torrent links. The change should not only make Pirate Bay more user friendly but, with more sites/domains, harder to take down. The Pirate Bay’s Survival The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 in Sweden. In 2006 they were raided by Swedish police. In May they celebrated their 8th year of survival and continued growth…

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Daily News Highlights: Friday, July 25th, 2014 | The Daily Rind

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Pandora Beats Revenue Expectations, But Falls Short Of Profit Google Offers Chromecast Users Free All Access Music Trial Marketing Your Music By Liveblogging At Reddit Live Spotify Comes To (A Few) Vizio Smart TVs

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Audio tech upstart DTS takes on Wi-Fi speaker juggernaut Sonos | The Register - Business: Media

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Wireless speaker tech market gets feisty

Audio tech supplier DTS is taking on Sonos’ wireless speakers with its Play-Fi tech, which it claims employs open and lossless audio technology.…

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Facebook Poised For Massive Global Growth [CHART] | hypebot

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75% of Facebook’s revenue comes from Europe, Canada, and the U.S., according to this week’s impressive report to investors. But though there are 4 billion more people in Asia than North America, that continent only accounts for about 15% of Facebook’s revenue, according to Business Insider. With Facebook’s aggressive moves in mobile, the company is well positioned to turn that deficit into even more explosive growth. This revenue chart tells the story: Related articles Want To Go Global? Think Social [CHART] Global Digital Music Market Expected To Grow 15% Annually

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P2P is boosting my book sales | Aram Sinnreich

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I’m not the most popular author in the world. Often, I’m not even among the 100,000 most popular authors on Amazon (according to their ranking tool, the highest rank I’ve achieved in the past 2 years was #55,628, the week…